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Korrelation zwischen prozessorientierten Unternehmen und dem Dow-Jones Index?

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2023

Das Supply-Chain Council (SCC) sieht einen Zusammenhang zwischen prozessorientierten Unternehmen basierend auf dem SCOR-Model und dem Dow Jones Index.

Nachstehend der Originaltext:

SCOR Index companies consistently outperform the Dow-Jones Industrial Average in good times and bad.

Is there a link between share performance and the use of structured business improvement approaches using process frameworks such as SCOR? We used membership in Supply-Chain Council (SCC) as a marker for investment in use of the SCOR framework, and examined both direct and comparative results of that marker for share performance. We have found that SCOR Index companies (SCC member companies in Fortune-1000) show much better performance than tried-and-true indices such as Standard and Poor’s 500 (S&P500), and the Dow-Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

Quelle: Supply-Chain Council

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