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Kizy – Real Time Tracking

Aktualisiert: 11. Jan. 2023

Up to 1 year battery lifetime, less than 50 grams, localizable in 95% of the world: these are some of the main features of the new K-1 GSM tracker developed by Kizy Tracking.

The Swiss company, which aims for mass application of tracking solutions for the logistics market, has won the Swiss Logistics Award 2015.

Kizy – a complete and simple solution for global object tracking – closes the gap between today’s offering of GPS-based solutions and waypoint tracking of parcels and containers using barcodes or RFID-tags. Thanks to its small size, the K-1 GSM tracker fits everywhere: a container, a pallet, a parcel or an envelope. It stays with the object to follow everywhere in the world. The customer benefits from a continuous tracking from sender to receiver.

Near-real time tracking for the cost of 1 SMS per day “With the K-1 GSM tracker, Kizy now enables to follow objects where continuous tracking was not economically reasonable before. We lead the way to a continuous analysis of logistic processes and better customer services. The XXIst century’s logistics will be smart and connected. A fascinating market,” concludes Ruud Riem-Vis, CEO of Kizy Tracking Inc.

Kizy operates on the existing mobile communication network (GSM). Contrary to GPS-based tracking systems, Kizy uses minimal energy consumption, has low operating costs and is able to locate objects inside buildings and containers. The suggested end-user price of the K-1 GSM tracker is US$35 and the online tracking service starts at US$0.20 per day. The cost of use is therefore less than one-tenth compared to competing GPS solutions on the market.


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